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About Pro-Tools Class

Record with Pro - Tools is a private class/lessons that gives you the opportunity and ability to write and or record your own music using the newest version of Pro - Tools, the recording industry standard for recording software. This is what all the big record company studios use from L. A. to Nashville, to New York.  

It doesn't matter if you have full songs, just a couple of chords, a riff, or even just a vague musical idea or feel; this class will allow individuals  a one on one experience to create what ever they want and put it to CD.

Just come in with an idea and we can make it into a song. Or, if you have a vision of what your music is to be, we can spend as much time as needed in making that a reality!

We have even been known to create songs with
Pro - Tools and take them to a Garage Band session to perform on stage in front of an audience!! 

Here is a recent song done by an individual who is currently enrolled in a
Garage Band. He and his band are going  to be performing this  at our next Garage Band performance.
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